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Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic and aesthetic surgery in Milan, Modena, Reggio Emilia, San Marino RSM - Dr. De Fazio

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eyes, forehead, nose, lips, chin, ears and hair

Plastic surgery, reconstructive and facial aesthetics - Dr. De Fazio

Facial rejuvenation interventions, imperfection correction or linear differences, augmentation and defect elimination. Filler / Hyaluronic acid | Blepharoplasty | Botox | Dermapen / Needling | Nose lift | Face lift | Facial lipofilling | Genioplasty | Otoplasty | PRP for Hair and Skin | Regenerate – Hair | Rhinoplasty | Mini cervico-facial lift.

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female breasts and male pectorals

Plastic surgery, reconstructive and breast aesthetic - Dr. De Fazio

For breast enlargement, reduction or lifting, with prosthesis
or without. Correcting malformations or amputations. Gynecomastia (male) | Breast Lipofilling | Breast Lift | Breast augmentation | Breast reduction

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hands, arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs

Plastic surgery, reconstructive and body aesthetic - Dr. De Fazio

Interventions aimed at resizing and proportioning parts of the body: from arms to legs to abdomen to portions with localised fat or hypotrophy. Abdominoplasty | Dermapen | Hyperhidrosis | Arm lift | Thigh lift | Buttock lift | Buttock lipofilling | Hand lipofilling | Calf lipofilling | Body Liposuction or liposculpting | Calf reduction

Locations in Italy

First visits, outpatient treatments and surgery

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chirurgo plastico modena
Medical Clinic I Portici
Viale Buon Pastore 236
+39 340 647 3550
Chirurgo plastico Reggio Emilia - Dott. Domenico De Fazio
Private Medical Office
Via Cadoppi
+39 340 647 3550
Chirurgo plastico Milano - Dott. Domenico De Fazio
Private Medical Office
Via Visconti di Modrone 8
+39 340 647 3550
chirurgia plastica san marino
Domus Medica
Str. Genghe di Atto 101
+39 340 647 3550

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A precise diagnosis of each case, a fair evaluation to bring expectations closer to reality, pre-operative assistance, a safe, state-of-the-art surgery, and finally, a scrupulous post-surgery procedure that Dr. D. De Fazio – together with his trusted and experienced staff – preform daily to best meet our patients needs.

Achieving the desired aesthetic result
Innovative techniques and the latest equipment
Pre and post operative assistance
Safety and hygiene



In a state-of-the-art medical practice, an understanding, precise and experienced doctor to be your surgeon.

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Dott. Domenico De Fazio | specialista in chirurgia plastica ricostruttiva ed estetica
An Experienced Doctor
Primary at Galeazzi and Head of S. Raffaele, MIlan
With over 20 years of experience around an operating table, Dr. De Fazio has worked aside well-known doctors in the fields of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Today, his experience has made him a reference in the medical/aesthetic field.
Dott. Domenico De Fazio | Chirurgo plastico e ricostruttivo
An Innovative Surgeon
Pioneer of the most advanced techniques
The reference in Italy and second in the world to use breast augmentation through lipofilling with the addition of stamina cell therapy. In addition to this feather in his cap, he brings many innovations to the table.
Dott. Domenico De Fazio | relatore a congressi medici a livello mondiale
An Esteemed Speaker
present at the most important international conferences
Every year he flies from Miami to Rome, from Mexico to Barcelona, from Russia to Germany, to share in new scientific discoveries, studies and techniques in breast, facial and body treatments.
Pre Chirurgia Estetica - De Fazio, chirurgo plastico
Case Histories
Physical defects are more or less evident, owing to the similar facial morphology, constitution or important change for the body such as weight loss or pregnancy. At times, diseases and amputations. Each case is unique.
Post Chirurgia Estetica - De Fazio, chirurgo plastico
Case histories
In complete safety and with continuous assistance, the operation takes place, resulting in a natural, homogeneous result that reflects both the patient’s expectations and their person.